LA4G – Luiss Alumni for Growth


LA4G is an investment club targeting
start-ups Luiss-related with a “benefit” approach.


LA4G selects Luiss-related startups
in which Alumni can co-invest with the University


To further consolidate the leadership
of Luiss Alumni, to reinforce «the sense of purpose»
of the graduate network and to generate resources for
pro-social projects (the benefit profile of the investment club)

Objectives of LA4G


"Bridging the gap"
between the seed and venture stages


To enhance the value
of the Luiss Alumni network


To consolidate
and further develop the Luiss
leadership in the startup ecosystem


To activate new
forms of "give back" (win-win)

Insoore is an Insurtech company that redesigns the document collection and claims management processes to make them fairer, more digital and faster for all those involved. It does this by developing technological infrastructures and communities of people. It offers modular and configurable services, which allow integration with the various customer management processes.
Scopri Insoore
Investment discontinued (exited).
Scopri Keyless
Skinlabo applies a direct-to-customer model, thus skipping the traditional supply chain thanks to online sales: in this way it is possible to offer quality products at affordable prices. It was born in October 2016 from the commitment of a group of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with many years of experience in the world of cosmetics and e-commerce. SkinLabo's mission is to offer a premium cosmetic experience to everyone in the simplest, cheapest and fastest way, thanks to the choice of exclusive online distribution.
Scopri SkinLabo
In the exit stage. By refining over time the knowledge of the behaviors and needs of the users of an app through contextual and emotional information, Neosurance offers a technological solution for data enrichment and CRM analytics which on the one hand enables insurance companies to sell micro-policies in "push" mode On the other hand, it gives the community the benefit of having added new dimensions of knowledge of its users, to whom it can therefore offer increasingly personalized and differentiating services.
Scopri Neosurance
FrescoFrigo is an intelligent refrigerator that allows you to have privileged access to fresh and quality products, installed in offices, gyms, hotels, hospitals and residential complexes.
Scopri FrescoFrigo
The revolution of furnishings and exhibition structures. PlayWood makes DYI accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills and manual skills.
Scopri PlayWood
This Unique is the first Italian digital brand that offers eco-sustainable products for the treatment of the menstrual cycle, through the subscription of personalized subscriptions. The goal of This Unique is to bridge the gender gap, conveying a new consumption model and normalizing the dialogue on issues that have long been considered uncomfortable.
Scopri ThisUnique
Gamindo is the first platform that allows people to donate without spending simply by having fun and playing video games.
Scopri Gamindo
Lampoo is a "second-hand" luxury e-commerce that allows the sale and purchase of luxury used clothing and accessories.
Scopri Lampoo
Pica has launched the marketplace, which allows the real-time delivery of photos and videos taken by photographers, directly to the smartphone of the person portrayed. With Pica, each participant in an event receives their photos / videos in real time on their smartphone, in full respect of privacy, thanks to the development of proprietary patented technologies.
Scopri Pica
Salimbeni Profumi (hereinafter even “Salimbeni”) is a premium Italian Perfumes and Home Fragrances (Candle, Room Sprays, Reed Diffuser, Essential Oils and Incense Sticks) digital native brand. Through an omni-channel strategy, Salimbeni aims to penetrate a highly old-fashioned market: “Perfuming yourself and the environment, to leave the imprint of your taste in the space in which you live”.
Scopri Salimbeni
Ogyre is the first global platform for the marine litter recovery aiming at engage on a very large scale fishermen. It is the first startup enacting people and companies in cleaning the oceans/seas, through a profitable waste fishing approach.
Scopri Ogyre
Wallife (also the “Company” or the “Start-up”) is the first insurtech company focusing the human body-technologies interaction risks, many of them still unknown or very hard to assess being in the domain of uncertainty.
Scopri Wallife